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A vacation

We had a wonderful trip to Kerala. We started by train on 18th and reached Kanhangad [near Kasaragod] at around 10.30 AM next morning. My son was impatient after he woke up early in the morning and wanted to move out of train. We stayed at my Aunt's place.

Where's my destination??!!


On 19th, we took a round to the ashrams [Nityananda Ashram and Ananda Ashram]. The cave like structure at Nityananda Ashram is like a maze.
On 20th, we went to Ananthapuram temple near Kumbla. The Road leading to the temple was narrow and shattered. Our omni-van has to jump into several gutters breaking our bones, before reaching this calm place. This temple stood in the middle of a green lake. The lake is home for a "vegetarian crocodile" named "Babbiya". Though this temple is the "Moolasthaana" [root] of Sri Padmanabhaswami temple in Trivandrum, we did not see any crowd.  The temple-Priests were narrating stories about the idols, temple and the crocodile. Inside the temple, I felt like I am standing in a small boat.
The crocodile has moved to another small pond around 100 meters from temple pond. No one knows how the crocodile travels between these pond and whether it eats anything other than what is given by the priest. We went to the other small pond and saw a huge crocodile sleeping on a side. We also visited small temples and a huge banyan tree on the same temple-compound.

The lake temple with Five elements:
" On the top is the infinite blue sky.
The bottom limit is dark-rocky-earth.
Just above the earth is the green lush water.
Just below the sky is the green breathing vegetation.
In between the water and the breath is the fire!
The fire of divine worship and life!


Banyan's root

See.. this is a big butterfly!! Will it fly??!!

We left early from there to visit Madhur [Sri Madanantheshwara] temple. The deity is Ganesha, and is drawn by a kid. History also has mentions about Tipu Sultan who wanted to destroy the temple, but got sick. When he drank water from temple-well, his sickness went away. But to make a mark of his attack, he made a cut on the roof of the temple-well-enclosure. It is still preserved.
We had feast ["Prasaada ootta"] from the temple. We had planned for Bakel, but the sun was buring our calories.

We had a picturesque evening near my Aunt's home. Several kinds of grass including fountain-grass were grown on the street side. They became melting golden in colour while seen through the setting-sun.


The burning gold - fountain grass

The golden bath

We visited Irinjalakkuda next. I was disappointed on our futile trip to watch a movie. The theater was on strike, thanks to some fight between film distributers and theater owners. So we went to the "Grand Central Circus" playing at the temple-grounds. The event took me 20 years back. I felt there is NO change in the circus-industry. It is the same tent, same band-stand, similar tricks and sweating professionals. And the circus-tent was at least half full due to the theater strike. Another thing I observed is that, there were very little claps from the audience to encourage the artists. We enjoyed for around 2 hours.

"Specially" abled plantain [വേണമെങ്കില്‍ വാഴ വേരിലും കായ്ക്കും??!!]

Red-beads from Red beadtree [മഞ്ചാടിപ്പയ്യന്‍]

We visited Alappuzha and it was starting day of festival in the temple. We had a "Samaradhana" [feast] before we left for Kochi and further to Irinjalakuda. We returned to Bangalore on 26th.
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