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aero india 2013

Jayadev and myself went to watch "Aero-india-2013" at Airforce station, Yelahanka on 9 Feb. We wanted to see the aircrafts in a hands distance. We carried minimal items to eat and my camera due to the "restrictions" on items which the visitors can carry. But on reaching there I saw people carrying food baskets to cater for the whole day, umbrellas, mats for sitting on the red-sanded ground and all such items. There were children from some schools in uniform. The whole place was crowded in such a ways that, it is very difficult to see the flights taxiing on the runway. Adding to our confusion, we went to the gate 1 for "ADVA parking" [taking a left turn on the airport road, as indicated by the signs] which turned out to be for Rs 500 tickets. But I had taken Rs 1000 ticket which included entry to exhibition as well, for which I should have gone to gate-5. Meantime, the show was started promptly at 10AM, so we decided to watch it from outside for sometime before going to gate-5. We saw small helicopters, the debuting Rudra helicopters  Tejas, etc flying. Jayadev was really excited about the giant fighter jets with ear-breaking noise, performance of various Red-bulls which left colored smoke behind. The performances of pilots demonstrating the capability to control the red-bulls in all possible directions was breathtaking. The main bird Jayadev liked was the US-Airforce C-17, the fat and fast carrier. Despite its size, the bird took off from a small runway, leaving a cloud of red-dust behind on the ground.
We left the "ADVA" area and went to Gate-5 in the category of "more-expensive" tickets. On the way, via the outskirts of Yelahanka, driving through some gated-plantain-grove [where the runway ends] we saw several people flocked to see the show "free-of-charge"!!. The sky-play was seen even from a distance very clearly. We returned to the airport road, and drove to Gate-5. Both the sides of the ring-road were occupied by thousands of people. After reaching gate-5, we had to drive another mile to reach the parking. We saw an ocean of cars and it was struggle to find a good parking spot in the dusty red sand. we had to walk a lot to reach the registration counters, further to which a BMTC-free-shuttle took us to the exhibition area. After 2 levels of security checks we reached the stalls. The "Rudra", "USAF C-17", "Indian Airforce-Hercules C130J", the small nishant on a huge truck, "Tejas" were a few of the ones we saw in a hand's reach. While we were checking out the birds on the ground, the Russian knights team were busy with the fire performances in the sky. There were people running mad to take photographs of the planes and the show. I felt, there were more cameras than people.
We returned at around 4PM fearing that, the ocean of cars in the parking might become a tsunami for the traffic. But it was not too bad while we started back, in my car covered with red coloured dust. I heard Sunday was very bad for traffic in airport road due to the "ticket-less" viewers on the road side. But it was amazing to watch the birds, pilots and the people doing all things to watch the show.

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