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New year trip

We visited T.Narsipura "Sangama" [place where 3 rivers join] and Somanathapura during the new-year weekend. We started at 7AM in the morning, went through mysore road to have good break fast at Kamat Lokaruchi. At Maddur, we took a left turn for Malavalli. After Malavalli, we came across huge, blue "Marehalli Kere", fields cultivating paddy, raggi and sugarcane and enjoyed the smell of hay. We saw bullock carts all over our way, being used as "taxies"-to transport people, "trucks"-to carry load of sugarcane, "school-bus" to carry children, etc. My son shouted with joy when he saw a line of around 30 carts passing our way carrying sugarcane. We kept asking people for right way at junctions, not to miss the route. After around 3.5 hours we reached the sangama, and we had to go over two narrow, but long bridges to reach "Tirumakudalu Narasipura" Gunja Narasimha Swami temple. The place was not crowded much. On the way in, we saw some people climbing over a ladder on a piller to touch something on the roof-bottom. After "Darsana" we come to know that, there is a carved-lizard on the roof near the piller. The legend is that, whoever touches the carved-lizard gets freed up from the fear/attack of lizards.

We took a ride in a metal-coracle to cross Kapila-river. My son was very happy playing in water.

The coracle riders

The coracle-"driver" lead us to Agastheshwara temple, which looked very old and deserted, smelling the old, but somewhat neat and peaceful.

Agasteswara temple

We further moved on to the same coracle to reach the rocky-piller placed in the middle of the river. That is supposed to be the sangama of 3 rivers Kapila [Kabini], Kaveri and Guptha gamini. Then we moved further, and saw a rock having a natural-shivalinga, in the middle of the river. We took a turn around and returned. People were taking bath on the banks of the river. Cows were crossing the river with no fear, as the river was only a few feet of water.

We moved on to Somanathapura chanakesava temple, built by the commander named Soma in 1268AD. The place is now managed by the Archeological Survey of India. The temple has 3 sanctums, with dieties Kesava, Venugopala and Janardhana.

Venugopala, Kesava, Janardhana

The cells are surrounded with carvings everywhere. Huge cylindrical pillers and rocky flowers on the roof are amazing. The sculpturers have made sure to fill every inch with their stamp.

Govardhana giridhaari, Krishna kills the snake-daemon, and Bheema's Baka vadha carvings

Happy face

Outer wall is decorated with elephants, soldiers, scenes from epics like Bhagavatha and Mahabharata on the bottom layers. The top part was full of gods and goddesses in various shapes and forms.

Lakshmi Narasimha & Prahlaada

The Lakshmi Narasimha statue made me travel back to the deep-past when the art was made.  My ears filled with the sculpturers' thuds and tinks on the naked rock. Slowly the dark, lifeless rock got draped by the artist, to become the deity brimming with life. The artists made sure that every one should get amazed by their creation. I came back to the present, leaving my humble tributes to them, back in the past. we took some round abouts to the temple, with lotus-base.

Temple : rear view

While we are about to leave, I felt that the dieties inside the sanctum are kind of imprisoned, without any offerings. Usually, the sanctum is treated as holi-place, where no one except the priest is allowed. Even the priest has to follow strict discipline before entering. But here, people entering the sanctum in flocks, are just making noise without any respect. What will be your feeling if you are forced to do your daily work for 2 days in a cage being watched by the world? I bowed apologetically for a moment in front of the temple.

We started back to Bangalore and decided to go via Kanakapura road. Soon, we realized that it was a bad decision. There were no good restaurants to have lunch. The towns we passed had BAR attached hotels, but no good vegetarian hotels are present on the main road. We had lunch from kanakapura.
Road to bangalore via Kanakapura was good but not wide. At the same time, it was not crowded compared to Mysore road. we saw pipelines from TKHalli conveying water to our city on the way. We reached banalore at 5.30 PM after a nice trip covering ~300KM.

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