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"99 thoughts on Ganesha" & "7 Secrets from Hindu calendar Art"

"Within infinite myths lies the Eternal Truth. Who sees it all? Varuna has but a thousand eyes. Indra, a hundred. You and I, only two!!"
I liked the way Mr. Devdutt Pattanaik wrote. I am becoming a fan of his books. Not because there are several repetitive sentences, and not because the way facts & stories are mingled with philosophy. But I am enjoying the facts/myths in a different way compared to how I conceived them 20 years ago.

His books are an effort to reason the myths through facts, a mix of scriptures and life! I recalled several stories heard only from my mother and some of the Harikatha tellers at temples. It was really a refreshing experience. The illustrations are done by Mr. Pattanaik himself and are simple and fabulous.  I took almost 3 months to finish the "... thoughts on Ganesha".
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