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Bad becoming worse

  1. Petrol price is increased and it is now 75Rs/Litre.
  2. My car used to take me 480KM on 30L of petrol approx, till 2 months back.
  3. Thanks to 3 flyover constructions on my way to office and evil-treated roads, my car takes me only ~450KM now on same fuel.
  4. WHY should I still pay road-taxes/check for "smoke-test"?
  5. I felt pity for a traffic constable drenched in rain struggling to control vehicles all around. On top of that, seeing a truck driver's destructive acts, I called up 100 and 103 out of frustration. The "network" was either busy or no body was picking up the call. I am praying now, "oh! God, Please dont create a situation to call those numbers again!"
  6. Unplanned construction and under-estimated traffic makes life irritating even after 10PM at night, on the road. Roads are becoming funnels.
  7. Because of 3 hours spent on the road daily, I am treating everything as "bullet points" to count on! Everything else is dissolved in the brain.
  8. I am often feeling to kidnap either the sleeping ministers or enjoying commissioners. I want to take them around the fly-over construction places at peak-traffic hours, and give a free ride over the gutters [especially Kadubisnahalli] to break their backs. They are still cowards sans the guts to ride on such roads.
  9. I agree, we need roads and water pipes. But we have to be alive to enjoy such amenities. If the construction starts killing, we better stop construction, or find another way to make it. 
  10. Am I living in a Metro??!!
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