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My daily trek

There were very little problems when I was walking to office. I made some friends on my way. A cat sitting on a wall murmured while I pass-by. Doody, the-stray-dog comes waving his tail, and a lonely Peeku, the parrot-in-the-cage said "Good-morning". Things changed when I started using BMTC bus, as my office went far from my home. Though, the bus-conductor smiled at me because I was the only passenger till the last stop of the bus. My not-so-planned office hours and broken-bus-service along with long waiting time made me irritated. Fed up with the auto drivers, I bought my car. Problems were solved for then. I had a smooth journey for almost 2 years. Once a week, I travelled in the bus. But now, not sure if I am getting aged, I always get irritated on the road while driving. Sometime my blood pressure raises. Hope I don't need to stop eating salt soon. Over a period of time, I was able to form an A2Z trail on the road. I don't mean to hurt anybody because I also have to play my life as a driver, pedestrian, or sometimes a violator. But I am dissolving my frustration out of my mind. Also I may be the cause of irritation to somebody else. For fun's sake I've included some google maps to chalk out irritating points. I often thought to catch pictures or videos of these irritations, but I don't want to have any accidents because of such attempts from driver's seat.

Full Trek Map


a) I start my journey from B.Chennasandra by car, via RamaMurthy Nagar ring road junction. From Chennasandra Main road, there is a left turn towards RamaMurthy Nagar. I have to be careful there because, a bus might jump suddenly from my left side. Sometimes, this has caused jams[shown as point1 in the following map]. It looks like a wrong way, but it is the only way with slight adjustment. A weived-off traffic-rule-violation of "drive on your left", to make it "drive on your right". Otherwise the police man standing at the junction will shout. Waited on the ramp to catch ring road. Often, the way leading to R.M.Nagar Main road jams up [shown as point2]. This irritates me because, I can see the empty road on the other side, not even 25 meters far, but reaching which might take 10 minutes. This happens because, a bus would have stopped picking up passengers and parked there for more than 5 minutes, leaving the road a kind of one-way, piling up honking vehicles behind. And I am amazed to see the way vehicles crisscrossed the junction.

Start [a]




b) Got the Green! Took a turn over the bridge and joined the ring road. Peaceful! Sometimes, a tipper used to park on the road side. Do you know what??!! it causes traffic jams, closing one lane, leading to slow moving traffic. People traveling on that "tipper"-lane slows down, try to overtake it, slowing down other lane also. My joy was short lived.. I can see vehicles piling up in KRPuram railway bridge. oh! god!! Jumped over 2 humps, to join the "infamous" jam. I call it "infamous" because I have to swim over it almost everyday. I have no other way.[shown as 3] The bridge is full of piled up vehicles!

map [b]

c) It is fun to watch the vehicles go in the jam. two-wheelers go in such a way that, they deserve each inch of the road. my car often got scratched by such squeezing-in drivers. I am very scared of trucks, because at the elevation, before they move forward, they slightly reverse, almost hitting my car's bonnet. Traffic is stand-still for several minutes, so I switched off my car engine. Slowly others also, leading to a perfect silence. Now comes the fun part. A train passes under the bridge. The bridge starts shivering!! I can see the sand [filled in the gaps of bridge-deck], breaking clearly with the shivering. Just imagine what happens if the bridge collapses due to the vehicle pile-up!! Scenes from Movies Inception/2012 went into my veins making my feet hot.

d) Sometimes one lane gets slow and pure luck decides which lane it is. I desperately watch many vehicles zoom past me on the very next line, while I can't move an inch for more than 5 minutes.

e) After several halts and moves, I am near the end of the bridge. [approaching point5] oh! Here is the great Indian circus of merging and crossing. From RingRoad many people and trucks move to NH4, while several buses/cars move from OldMadrasRoad to Whitefield direction making a perfect cross of competition. At point 5, everyday, a long truck or several private buses park, creating traffic which lead to point4, sometimes well beyond point3.

f) Point6 has a famous temple and several cars stop there for Pooja, especially on Friday, leading to the same "infamous" jam. Point6 is also a huge junction of NH4/RingRoad/Old-Madras-Road/Whitefield-road. There are 2 bus-stands right in the middle of junction. I see policemen bathing in sweat trying to control the traffic. But no one including the government does anything to clear the cross or junctions here. BMTC buses try to stop in the middle of the road to pick-up passengers. People try to cross the road running, as if they found free gold on the other side. Cab drivers try to zoom in overtaking every other vehicle and end up in front of me almost hitting my car. I call this as HOLE-1, because, the hole leading to Whitefield, can't bear the traffic flowing into it, because of the bus-stand. Few meters beyond point6 towards whitefield has some metal/bricks go-down on the left side. Long trucks carrying heavy-metal or huge lorries carrying cement used to turn left, **in the peak traffic time**, creating the "infamous jam". They don't have any other time to bring material to the go-down. Funny part is that, those poor drivers get confused about where and how to park always, leaving the truck in the middle of traffic for more than 5 minutes. This is the same case with the earth-movers and bulldozers moving around slowly in the middle of peak traffic, creating a long trail of vehicles behind. Tractors carrying “Drinking water” are not different, by they are slightly faster.

g) Few feet in front is a petrol pump, where vehicles leave the road slowly and re-join after drinking petrol. Left most lane is faster here, [towards point7] though slightly dangerous, because everyone try to squeeze in. A tractor collecting debris often blocks this lane. Most irritating moment is when 2-wheelers/auto-rikshaws with the headlamp lit, coming against you, as if it is their birth-right to violate traffic rules. At those moment, I try to put-on myself in their seat. They are trying to avoid a travel of 1KM to reach their neighbor, living just few meters away, because the road is a one-way!! So they save petrol and time.

h) point8 is the second HOLE under KRPuram-Hanging bridge, near the railway station. This is the next place with 2 bus-stands right on the junction. Commuters to/from the railway station run across the road scaring me almost every time. I remember that, when I return by train, I run carefully, but scared of vehicles.

i) Point9 is the starting of relief. A battle between vehicles going to Whitefield on the left and RingRoad on the right still takes place, but irritating factor is an autorikshaw trying to take a u-turn to come back to Old-Madras road. Otherwise the Auto has to travel 1 KM to take a u-turn. We make our own reason to violate the rules here!!

j) I travel via the second ORR bridge towards Marathahalli. The bridge has severely uneven tarring at several places shaking my vehicle and my spinal-chord everyday. Pont10 is a smooth ride.

k) Point11 near Mahadevapura again pains me due to the recent fly-over construction. [FlyOVER-1] The road has become narrow and bad. The construction people bothers just to create holes on the road and they do not bother to put at least some tar to fill it in. Day-by-day, I feel like the support-materials and metal bars occupy the very-busy-road. 3 lanes has squeezed to one and ALAS!! there is a bus-stand also!! AGAIN! One bus has stopped means the traffic is stopped. Trucks stop at one lane to unload/load causing further irritation.

pic [k]

l) My car joined back to ring road, But the service road on the left side is dug up for installing huge pipes. So one half-lane is full of mud and sand. I remember once, a heavy-truck carrying sand overtook my car on the right side and suddenly took left turn to stop at construction-site on the left. I ended up on the left-most lane which was uneven with sand. I break-ed the vehicle, but I felt flying with the dry-sand beneath my wheels. It took almost 5 meters to stop. The truck stopped and the driver went out like nothing happened.

m) Now, at this stretch sometimes I see a "traffic-interceptor" stopped to monitor speeds of vehicles. People who know abt this place slows down to 55-60Kmph, from 80Kmph after seeing a Qualis with its back-door opened from a distance.

n) EMC2 junction or Dodanakundi junction or now "Target junction" is another place of competition. recently they have installed traffic lights. Each junction like this is actually NOT a cross. It is a complicated maths puzzle with 2 service roads on both the sides.


o) Now, a railway lane going on top and further ISRO junction. There is a contention between vehicles coming from Marathahalli taking u-turn and the ones going towards Marathahalli. Soon a huge unnecessary hump welcomes my car with its bottom touching the hump's peek.

p) Now comes Marathahalli bridge, followed by Marathahalli junction. Again a mix of vehicles trying to turn left, right and u-turn. Usually a BMTC bus tries to take a u-turn blocking both the sides of ring road. I often felt, There is no other place where the BMTC buses can turn back and go. Or they need to take back from the bridge itself.

q) Now the traffic is smooth, until the "e-zone junction" where a BMTC bus stops and blocks a lane. Further down is another place where "traffic interceptors" stop for watching speed. Another irritation here is about some drivers smoking, and throw up the ashes through the window. Once My front glass got a sparkling fire-work when a cigarette slipped out from a stupid driver running fast in front of me.

r) I can see again vehicles piling up for Kadubisnahalli [Cisco junction] fly-over construction. [FLYOVER-2] The classic problem of a heavy-traffic-serving 3-lanes converging into 1.5-lanes, with a turn/diversion. I am going through this for past 1 year. 300 meters like this and I join back to ring road.

s) At the "New horizon college" junction there are lot of cab drivers and techies taking the road to all directions. This is the place where I see a lot of slow-moving cab drivers. why are they slow moving? Usually cab-drivers drive too fast. They slow down while they talk in their mobile phone. Though it is illegal, I see this at least 3 times a day.

t) The Intel junction is with another flyover [FLYOVER-3] construction. I usually take the service road towards my office, but I have to be careful for vehicles stopping suddenly to turn left towards their office. I am well “beware” of the humps/ponds on the road. But I get irritated when another vehicle is stopped near the hump or pond, so that, I have to run over it with the world going upside down. Especially the road in front of "Brindavan techpark" has a huge pond. Last week, somebody has erected a signboard in the middle of the pond, but nobody cared to fill the pond. So it is like a pole in the pond, with vehicles struggling to go on either side, still felling into the pond. The cabs and buses overtake without any mercy, creating the service road just a one way, leaving both sides jammed. Often I felt that, there should be a divider for the service road as well. I get jammed there switching off my car for more than 15 minutes, when I can see my manager on 5th floor office clearly from my car.

u) The road near my office, and often inside the office gets muddy due to the trucks ply with mud. Their huge wheels are covered with dark mud, and when the lorry speed up, [they are without mud-guards] throw the mud out which travel several meters behind them. I saw several instances when two wheelers struggle avoiding them, but their helmet covered with mud. The mud gets settled on the road making the journey really shaky, leaving our wheels bad. And once the mud get dried, the place gets full of dust. I remember in Singapore, before the truck leaves a construction site, the wheels are cleaned, so that, the roads are not spoiled.

v) I felt it irritating when the buses ply on the service road to drop passengers, and creating jams. They could just be on the main road, but not sure if somebody request them to go on the service road. Now, jumping 3 bridges, 2 underpasses and 3 flyover-construction-sites, I am in my office. The google maps says I can reach office in 20 minutes, but it takes 45 minutes to 1.25 hours to reach office.

w) The way from my house to office is still better for rainy days. The other way clogs down with few feet worth water on rainy days, because the water has nowhere to go! I pity the pedestrians and two wheelers who struggle with these issues.

x) On the way back what I can remember is an "S" like turn where I waste close to 500meters worth petrol. I imagine about everyday how many vehicles follow this plight wasting fuel, mind and health, getting irritated, suffocated and lost! Adding agony, I have to avoid big-bricks fallen on the road from the median, because, two wheelers and trucks go over the median to avoid a long way back. This phenomena is there at places where a construction activity is in place.

y) KR Puram is still the bottleneck for me to go back, because vehicles from ITPL and ring-road gets joined at a narrow passage. Further it goes near the hanging-bridge, and then the main Tin-factory junction where Old-Madras road also joins. It is like 3 vehicle-streams joining, and explode their way to either ring-road for Hebbal or continue to old-Madras road towards the city.

z) It was always fun traveling in Bangalore. I take bus once a week, to understand the plight as a pedestrian or a passenger. But I felt, it has no difference compared to my car. I still get irritated when the bus gets delayed or canceled altogether, or when the bus driver does a violation. But I feel it is still better for health, money and mind.



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