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Delhi CWG

There was shit all-around, but, for the people who want to see *just* the shit. The hard-core critics and media were wasting lives by swallowing water from the  so-mentioned "dirty toilets", looking for stains on beds and counting number of condoms which clogged the CWG games village. Every critic was preaching only bad stuff about the event.

-"why to Delhi, why nowhere else in India, why to screw Delhi's peace and infrastructure just for this event"!

-"Crores for Kalmadi for putting India to shame"!

-"oh!!.. a bridge came down ,,..What will happen to games"!

-"oh!! Rain poured down.. How the games will go on"!!

-"it is organized bad, for reaching the stadium we need to walk kilometers"!

At one point in time I went mad reading all the news about CWG. But the opening ceremony was enough to put Boforce 40mm into critic's mouths and more fire into their eyes. I watched the event L-I-V-E in DD1. It was so great, to just give a blink about what is India and the diversity it has. It was INCOMPARABLE, diminishing the performances at last Olympic opening/closing ceremony. CWG opening ceremony was colorful and each event was so different that the time passed in just a few flicks.

But even after that, I heard the media panting like dogs looking at imperfections in the ceremony and criticizing the events. Now with the breathtaking closing ceremony, organizers proved the slogan- “multifariously we brought up, but united we stand”! This was clear, not only in the ground, with the sweat-rising performances of thousands of performers, but included the barking media also. I liked it anyway, except its continuous beats and westernization of Indian music. But I feel the audience received with WOWs.

Now, looks like the corruption case against Kalmadi is about to start, the media is waiting for the feast. And I am waiting in a corner, for the cabaret by various media. Of course, that also accounts into the tax money I am paying annually. Anyway, this is clear - the perceptions each one of us build about anything around is based on pure egos. The opinions are just the mirror of not only what we own, but it includes what we don't own and what we wanted to own [which others own!!] whatever it is, Mera Bhaarat Mahaan!

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